Student Safety

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Purpose of Indicator

To show information about unsafe incidents that have occurred on school grounds, on some transportation, or at school-sponsored events.

What This Means

To show parents and others how many unsafe incidents have occurred at a school or at school functions.

What is measured in this indicator but not included in the rating OR potential Influencer metrics

Percentage of the student population in a school involved in incidents occurring on school grounds, on school transportation, or at school-sponsored events.

The incidents are broken down by type (i.e., robbery, drug violations, weapon possession, vandalism, etc.)

Something To Think About

Did you know? A school’s climate, which includes school safety, impacts student achievement. A positive school climate has a positive influence on student achievement.

Key Message: If you heard nothing else, hear this:

#1: School should be a learning environment, safe from violence and harassment.