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Academic Achievement

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Purpose of Indicator

To determine if students in a school are meeting state standards in English Language Arts (Reading and Writing) and Math.

What This Means

Overall, how students in a school are doing in Reading, Writing, and Math compared to state standards.

What makes up the indicator that leads to a Rating?

Test scores on SC READY tests given to students in grades 3-8 at the end of a school year in English Language Arts and Math, End-of-course grades in Algebra I and English I.

What is measured in this indicator but not included in the Rating OR potential Influencer metrics?

Information about the percentage of instructional time when both students and teachers are present in the school.

Something To Think About

What percentage of students in this school are at least meeting grade level standards in Reading, Writing, and Math?

Key Message

State end-of-year tests are designed to measure if students are on grade level. Ratings for this indicator are based on how many students in a school are achieving grade level success in Reading, Writing, and Math.