School Climate

High Schools

Purpose of Indicator

To determine if students feel engaged in their school and what other measures of school quality are in the school

What This Means

This measures the quality of the student experience as measured by how engaged they feel.

What makes up the indicator that leads to a Rating

Student engagement levels determined by an AdvancedED survey given to students in grades 3-12

Something To Think About

This indicator measures a number of criteria that parents will find interesting and compelling like wireless access, availability of devices and gifted/talented programs.

Did You Know? With the AdvancedED survey, this is the first time in history that the student voice has been incorporated into the rating of a SC School Report Card

What is measured in this indicator but not included in the rating OR potential Influencer metrics

For Elementary and Middle Schools:

  • student retention rates
  • wireless access rates
  • rate of chronic absenteeism
  • capability of providing all students with an electronic device
  • percentage of students served in a gifted and talented program

For High Schools:

  • Available career and technology education courses
  • rate of chronic absenteeism in a school
  • retention rates
  • wireless access rates
  • Capability of providing all students with an electronic device

Key Message: If you heard nothing else, hear this:

#1: Engaged students are the foundation for student success AND school success.

It’s about both resources and relationships schools have for/with their students.