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Financial Information

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Purpose of Indicator

To show all of the financial information that is collected about schools and school districts — from average salaries to the percent of money spent on classroom instruction.

What This Means

This indicator breaks down how schools spend money.

What is measured in this indicator but not included in the rating OR potential Influencer metrics

Measures per pupil expenditures, percentage of expenditures for instruction, percentage of total expenditures for teacher salaries.

Something To Think About

This indicator helps you figure out what schools actually spend their money on.

Did you know? South Carolina spent $8 billion on education and had 760,000 students in the K-12 system in 2017?

Key Message: If you heard nothing else, hear this:

#1: How much money a school has is less important than how it is spent. Having more money does not translate into better outcomes for schools or students.