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Classroom Environment

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Purpose of Indicator

To show all the data that is collected about teachers in a school and how it relates to students.

What This Means

Information to help parents and others understand about the health of a teaching force in a school — if teachers are returning from the previous year, their experience, and effectiveness.

What is measured in this indicator but not included in the rating OR potential Influencer metrics

  • Student-teacher ratios
  • Number of teachers in school
  • Teacher attendance rate
  • Percentage of teachers returning from the previous year
  • Teacher vacancies
  • Average teacher salary
  • Percentage of teachers with advanced degrees
  • Something To Think About

This indicator is all about the teacher in the classroom.

Did you know? Research shows a direct correlation between # of certified teachers in a school classroom and student achievement.

Key Message: If you heard nothing else, hear this:

#1: The biggest factor leading to student success is the quality of a teacher in the classroom.