School Climate indicator rating now based on 3rd through 11th grade survey responses

The Education Oversight Committee (EOC) recently approved that only 3rd through 11th grade School Climate surveys will impact the School Climate indicator rating for school report cards. Previously, 3rd through 12th grade surveys were used to determine the School Climate indicator rating for a school’s report card.

What does this mean?

  • While 3rd to 12th grade students will be administered the School Climate survey, only 3rd through 11th grade surveys will impact the school’s rating.
  • All survey responses from 3rd through 12th graders will be given to school and district leaders for the purpose of continuous improvement. Survey responses will be aggregated and de-identified to protect respondent confidentiality.

Why the change?

  • Statewide data indicated a low survey response rate for 12th grade students compared to other grades. Also, 12th graders are less likely to be on campus during the survey window. Both of these factors can possibly negatively impact a school’s School Climate indicator survey.

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